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Please browse through my gallery to see a selection of my images. I work in watercolour, acrylic and clay.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Few Recent Works

Owl (Acrylic) 6 X 8

Pastoral Scene (Acrylic) 5 X 7

Birdie (Acrylic) 5 X 7

Watercolour Black and White Kittie (8 X 10)

Watercolour Cat Portrait (SOLD)

Knome and Fairy House paintings (SOLD)

Friday, January 23, 2015

The New Animal Paintings

Just before Christmas, I got inspired by some of my stuffed animals and my kitties. One weekend, we went to Ikea and bought some of their adorable stuffed animals for our nephew. These also became the subject of many miniature portraits.
Three of these miniatures were accepted into the Queen's Faculty of Education Juried Art Exhibit and have been on exhibit there in Kingston since the beginning of December 2014.

A Few New Paintings from September. 2014

Belleville Theatre Artists Display
Rose of Sharon (SOLD)

No. 23 (SOLD)

Algonquin Park (SOLD)

In the Study
8 X 10 acrylic

Fabric Design (SOLD)

In the Studio
8 X 10 acrylic

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The weather on Sunday was perfect and my spot was under two wonderful shade trees. It was exciting when people stopped to look at the art and talk about it. Not too surprisingly, many people were just browsing or searching for their families. So, I sold a few pieces and visited with friends and family all day long. I appreciate all the love and support. Now I have to think about another venue. In the meantime, the paintings are sharing space with Perry's pottery in our renovated pottery showroom.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Few More Images For Sunday

In the Window (framed) SOLD
12 X 16 acrylic

Homage to Kleenex Tissue (SOLD)
8 X 10 acrylic

More Artwork for the WAF this Sunday

Peach Geraniums
8 X 10 watercolour

Homage to G7
12 X 16 watercolour crayon

Homage to G7 II
10 X 12 watercolour crayon

Mom's Rose
12 X 16 acrylic

8 X 10 acrylic

Porch Flowers SOLD
10 X 12 watercolour

Georgia Cala Lillies
10 X 12 acrylic on paper

8 X 10 watercolour matted

Fine Wild Flowers SOLD
8 X 10 watercolour matted

Georgia Revisited
8 X 10 acrylic matted

Day Lillies
8 X 10 watercolour and marker matted

Sailing near Picton SOLD
8 X 10 watercolour

La Belle Epoque (SOLD)
6 X 8 Lino Print on paper

5th Depot Lake SOLD
6 X 8 watercolour

Picton SOLD
8 X 10 watercolour

6 X 8 Lino Print on paper

Britt's Bouquet SOLD
8 X 10 acrylic

Patio Blooms
12 X 16 acrylic